Innovation to protect the environment

Our fields of action

Pergenergie believes that the integrated approach combining various types of renewable energy, agriculture, research and innovation is in fact the sustainable route for the future of the Earth, the most effective way to fight climate change.
Small wind turbine projects

Design, implementation and bench test and experimental tests, serial production and management of small wind turbine plants.


Third generation DSSC (Dye Sensitized Solar Cells) photovoltaic panels.

Energy storage

Integration of energy storing technologies using batteries or hydrogen carrier (PEM electrolysis and PEM fuel cells).

Constructed wetland

Constructed wetland technologies using micro-algae.

Sustainable Mobility

Electric mobility and with E-bikes powered by hydrogen.


Biomass cultivation for second generation bio fuels.

Our commitment to research

  • Production of hydrogen
  • Production of hot water for domestic use for district heating
  • Disposal of photovoltaic panels
  • Purification of river water from oily substances and plastic
  • Precision agriculture