We believe that economic development entails protection of the environment. We commit to creating solutions that produce clean energy derived exclusively from non-polluting non-exhausting sources because they regenerate at the end of the cycle.


Contributing to the transition towards an emission free world, powered by renewable energy sources making use of the sun, wind, water, the Earth and all the types of energy nature offers to us, which regenerate spontaneously, endlessly and constantly. Taking from nature to give back to nature.


Pursuing an ethical and sustainable business model. Working towards achieving a new era of sustainable energy, available to all. Finding innovative solutions, integrated and performing that take advantage of digital technologies and lead towards green solutions.


Investing in technology intelligence and, creating an ecosystem model powered by its own energy resources. Collaborating with businesses and local administrations to create solutions suitable for economic development as well as social progress, where every project is sustainability-centric.

The Group

Pergenergie belongs to the Pergemine SpA Group founded in 1956. Pergemine SpA is an established company operating as Drilling Contractor in the geothermal and mining sector. We design, build and manage advanced technology drilling sites, providing services to Italian companies as well as the Oil & Gas sector big international businesses. Pergemine SpA has always showed a great ability to transform by adapting to market changes, such as designing and implementing a full green drilling plant. In 2021, Pergemine SpA shifted from taking advantage of the resources to becoming a company with positive impact, i.e. contributing to the common benefit.


Code of ethics

Moral integrity, correctness and honesty as sources of inspiration for running all Pergemine SpA’s activities and as a guiding principle for managers, employees and collaborators.