Maintenance services

Maintenance and plant management are essential activities to ensure optimal operation and maximum efficiency. Pergenergie offers a full O&M service for medium to large sized plants powered by renewable sources on a wide range of systems using: photovoltaic, hydroelectric, small wind turbine, biogas.

Our maintenance packages

Regular maintenance
  • Overall assessment of the plant (i.e. type of modules, angle of slope, distance);
  • Inspection of the electrical and mechanical parts of the plant
  • Green maintenance of onshore plants
  • Clean up of photovoltaic panels with specific machinery
  • Verification of operability
  • Activity reports
Extraordinary maintenance
  • Rapid response in case of malfunction or break down
  • Restoring operation
  • Performance checking
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Thermography Analysis
  • Activity reports
  • Implementation of monitoring system for new plants and for those in operation
  • Restoring operation
  • Performance checking
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Thermography Analysis
  • Activity reports
Full service maintenance
  • The service includes all the activities mentioned above in addition to spare parts

Pergenergie provides customers with full O&M service to protect and maximize their investment, ensuring:

  • Greater yields: effective regular maintenance, timely extraordinary maintenance and correct monitoring are key to achieve operational performance objectives
  • Possibility of extending the life of the system beyond the terms typically set by the manufacturers’ product guarantee
  • Reduction of costs: customized regular maintenance and efficient management of the administrative portion yields strong savings on costs of management
  • Zero worries: full service monitoring and rapid response action provide the technical and administrative peace of mind

Asset Management

Pergenergie offers a wide range of Asset Management services for the management of all the administrative, legislative, fiscal and environmental requirements connected to operating systems powered by renewable sources, sales of energy produced and the related incentives.
Through its Asset Management services Pergenergie assists the investor in technical and administrative management, aimed at increasing profitability and the value of the investment over time while ensuring compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.
Objective of the Asset Management services
  • Extending the life cycle of systems
  • Maximizing production and minimizing operational costs through proactive management of the plants
  • Reducing risks for the owners

Pergenergie qualified team provides:


Daily monitoring

Local presence

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